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Want your music included on an unCLASSIFIED playlist?  Check out our Tips for Getting (and Retaining) Playlist Placement below before sending us your track!

  • In general, submitted tracks should be no longer than 7-8 minutes in length.
  • When submitting core/standard repertoire for consideration (e.g. Beethoven Symphony No. 5), please provide a compelling reason as to why this track stands out against its numerous competitors.
  • Live recordings with applause at the end are unlikely to be programmed without a compelling reason for the purpose of playlist flow.  Instead, consider releasing a single version of the track with the applause removed.
  • Please avoid tracks that begin or end with note carryover from/to an intended album track.  It will seem out of context and disrupt playlist flow.
  • Vocal tracks have limited programming potential.  Many unCLASSIFIED playlists are mood/activity-based and are geared toward the “lean back” listener.  Therefore, vocal music can sometimes be considered distracting.  Exceptions can be made, especially with choral or vocal music that could broadly be considered “easy listening.”
  • Priority will always be given to composers or artists who are actively engaged on social media, have up-to-date websites, and are actively touring.